Red & Blue Ventures is a privately owned and operated, seed- and early-stage venture capital fund that invests in companies from the University of Pennsylvania ecosystem. 

Typically, a company's connection to Penn could be having a student, faculty member or alumnus in a key management role or the company leveraging core technology that was developed at the university.

We primarily focus on investments in the information technology industry, where our experience and our networks allow us to add the most value to companies.  We define this broadly to include hardware, software, ecommerce and technology-enabled services companies that sell to either businesses or consumers. We will consider investments in other areas, however, if the company has a sufficiently strong connection to Penn and a strong syndicate of co-investors with deep domain expertise. 

We prefer to lead or co-lead our initial investments, though we will invest as part of a larger syndicate if appropriate.  Our seed investments range in size up to $250,000 and are typically in companies that are still in the product development or early revenue phases.  Our early-stage investments are somewhat larger and are usually in companies that have achieved early revenue growth. Given the size of our investments, our bias is towards companies with the potential to grow in a capital efficient manner.

Post-investment, we prefer to take an active role with the company, often taking a director or observer seat on the Board of Directors.  We work closely with portfolio company management on issues of strategy, fundraising, human resources, sales and business development, leveraging our team’s operating experience and extensive networks, including Penn faculty and alumni.  In order to best leverage this intellectual and social capital, we seek to invest primarily in companies in the greater Philadelphia, New York City and Washington DC areas, which allows us to spend significant time in person with portfolio company management.  We will consider investments outside of this region, but only alongside strong, local partners.